SmartRunner Sensors Specialize in Profile Comparison and High-Precision Monitoring

Ready-to-use, plug & play light section sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs feature SmartRunner technology, which is a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs.?

These small scale, cost-effective sensors allow you to address demanding detection tasks in your industrial automation applications and design efficient, future-proof processes.

The SmartRunner Detector and the SmartRunner Matcher are the first two representatives of this innovative product family.? Learn more about these preconfigured, application-specific sensors, and watch how they work...

Key features of these Light Section Sensors with SmartRunner Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs (P+F) include:

  • Unique combination of light section technology and vision sensor opens up a variety of new applications
  • Recording of error images for machine diagnostics
  • Parameterization via Data Matrix control codes (i.e. for setting the region of interest)
  • Complex data is transformed into easy-to-process digital signals
  • Plug-and-play:? optimized sensors preconfigured and ready to use for one specific application

SmartRunner Matcher - Profile Recognition Sensors
Specializing in Profile Comparisons?
  • Reliable prevention of damage and defective production?from mistakes and collisions
  • Optimized and preconfigured for the comparison of height profiles
  • Correct positioning of an object is identified and recognized
    • Ensuring accuracy in robotic gripping systems through detection of object contour, positioning, and distance
    • Preventing unplanned downtime
  • Ready for Operation in Minutes with simple commissioning
    • Just mount & align to the desired profile
    • Then program using teach-in—the reference contour is programmed and the machine process can begin
  • Application-specific evaluation is integrated directly into the sensor
    • Producing easy-to-process digital signals (instead of raw data)
    • Offering direct connection to the control system without much effort
  • Adaptation to system changeovers is quicker and easier than ever with the teach-in or Data Matrix control codes

SmartRunner Detector - Area Monitoring Sensors
Specializing in High-Precision Monitoring
  • Reliable protection of sensitive machine parts (such as expensive optics or precision tools)
  • Compares height profiles using light section technology
  • Easily installed thanks to the swiveling connection
  • Factory optimization makes this plug-and-play device extremely easy to commission
  • Detects even the smallest fault or deviation from previously taught background
  • Offers freely definable detection areas or regions of interest (ROI) without triggering a digital signal
  • Simultaneous evaluation of the laser line on both the object and the background increases reliability

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