Do More with Smart Sensors

What if a single sensor could handle your most challenging requirements, and let you know when it needs maintenance?? How much downtime would you avoid?

With Banner's smart sensor solutions, you can:

  • solve more applications (with greater reliability + fewer devices...)
  • save inventory costs
  • help prevent unplanned downtime

See how DUAL MODE and IO-Link technologies make this possible...



DUAL MODE Difference

Smart laser distance sensors with DUAL MODE let you measure both distance and light intensity, which means the sensor can detect changes in both distance and surface contrast.

With DUAL MODE, you can even detect targets that other sensors can't, like clear objects, low contrast applications, and very dark objects... all with one very powerful device.

IO-Link Communication

With IO-Link, you can remotely access sensor readings, and monitor real-time diagnostics.? You can stay on top of what they are doing, and how well they are doing, and immediately be alerted to problems.

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