TL70 Modular Tower Light Indicators: Customizable, with Wireless Option

TL70 Modular Tower Light Segments

TL70 modular tower light indicators eliminate time-consuming assembly and complex wiring associated with conventional stack lights.??They're available as modular segments or pre-assembled with the flexibility to customize as needed.? Users can change positions in the field and?enable remote monitoring and control with wireless options.

These bigger, brighter LED tower light indicators engineered by Banner (the leader in lighting and indicators) help you work smarter and more efficiently thanks to better visual management.

Segments for the TL70 modular tower?light are available in a wide variety of single and multi-color modules as well as adjustable audible modules. Modules offer tremendous flexibility and can be?customized as needed.

  • Big, bright 70mm tower lights appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light and are visible at long distances

  • Modular IP65 design gives the user flexibility to customize functionality and install in many environments

  • RGB14 color segments can be configured to display any one of 14 standard colors, making it easy to create custom indication solutions and simplify stock requirements

  • Multicolor segments in two- and three- color models switch between colors based on changes in?input?status

  • Selectable rates of flashing and strobing for each segment allow customization for your application beyond the default solid ON condition

  • Top-mounted audible segments available in tone selectable models from 75 – 101 dB, multitone models that enable a unique tone for four status conditions, and programmable models that emit a?user-created custom alert or announcement

  • Wireless options, including bases and segments, facilitate installation and enable remote monitoring and control

  • One base supports up to six single function?segments or select combinations of multifunction and single segments

  • Match your machine with a choice of black or gray housing

  • User-friendly operation with just a few easy steps to complete installation



Add Wireless Connectivity to Any TL70 Modular Tower Light

Using an Easy-to-Install Wireless Communication Segment
Monitor where you couldn't before, and effectively manage your factory...
visually, and?without the cost of wiring

The new TL70 wireless communication segment makes it easy and affordable to add network connectivity to any TL70 modular tower light with a standard base. The segment houses a Sure Cross? Node and antenna which enables two-way communication between a TL70 and other network devices. This eliminates the hassle and?expense of running cable and altering infrastructure to connect devices in a wired network.

Easy Installation and Setup
: Turn and click the segment into position on a standard TL70 base, bind the Node to a DXM Wireless Controller or Sure Cross Gateway, and begin communicating. Machine inputs power the segment, eliminating the need for a constant source of power.

Remote Monitoring & Control: Segment sends and receives data to and from network-connected devices, allowing users to monitor and update status from any network-accessible location.

Real-Time Alerts: Based on data from the TL70, a DXM Wireless Controller can send SMS texts and/or email alerts to notify staff of any change in status that requires immediate attention.

Improve Performance and Efficiency: Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other productivity metrics using data collected by?the DXM from the TL70.'





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