Precision Measurement, Superior Durability with LTF Laser Measurement Sensor

New class of cost-effective long-range sensors featuring time-of-flight technology, detect and inspect objects:

? regardless of color, material or sheen.
? from a distance of up to 24 meters.
? whether straight-on, or at an angle.

This rugged, highly accurate, and easy-to-use sensor is ready to measure 50 to 12,000 mm right out of the box!

  • In just three simple steps, the sensor can be quickly mounted, aligned and ready to provide real-time measurement right out of the box
  • A powerful distance measuring sensor with advanced functions including:
    • Remote teach
    • Laser inhibit
    • Delay timers
    • Advanced measuring modes
  • Best in class combination of range, accuracy and repeatability
  • Consistent detection of targets regardless of the angle, environmental conditions or ambient light resistance
  • Sensing range of 50 to 12,000 mm
  • Intuitive two-line, eight-character display with bright LED indicators makes adjustments and menu navigation simple and easy to read
  • Durable IP67-rated die-cast zinc housing for harsh environmental conditions
  • Available in models with IO-Link, enabling robust two-way communication between the sensor and a master device
    (IO-Link provides visibility into errors and health status for each device, allowing you to evaluate machine performance and diagnose problems without shutting down equipment.)


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