Solve Issues Faster with PRO Series Infrared Cameras

Fluke Ti480 and Ti450 PRO series infrared cameras were recently fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers, and electricians to get to root cause faster by identifying hot spots, cold spots, and apparent surface temperature differentials with a higher degree of confidence.

Discover the upgrades that can help your team quickly solve issues...

Increased sensitivity to visualize differences

??? ?Capture smaller temperature differences with increased thermal sensitivity

Easier to visualize and diagnose issues

??? ?Sharper onscreen images with better visual color differentiation
??? ?Display deviations from standard temperatures and communicate issues with your team using multiple Delta- T markers - choose one as a reference point and the others to display a value as a difference
??? ?Multiple rectangle markers in-camera - identify min/max temperatures for an area of the equipment or an equipment array
??? ?Distinguish heat differences more easily with a new palette and a wider array of yellows and greens in the display

More intuitive visual interface

??? ?Improved, user-tested, touch screen interface leverages current styles and is more intuitive than ever

More flexibility to visualize targets -? tiny to large

??? ?Macro, telephoto and wide angle – from tiny to large, capture your target
??? ?Fluke smart lenses are interchangeable between compatible cameras without calibration
??? ?Compatible with Fluke telephoto, wide-angle and macro smart lenses

Save time
???? Share images with SmartView and Fluke Connect


Industrial environments are often unpredictable.? You need a camera
that is clear and easy to work with – regardless of the surrounding light.
Are you ready to experience what the latest technology from Fluke can do for you??

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