New generation of safety laser scanners

The microScan3 Core from SICK is designed with an advanced, patented scan technology - safeHDDM - which improves the accuracy of the scan data and allows better filtration of nuisances such as weld sparks, dust, ambient light and cross talk. Within a small footprint, the mS3 is capable of up to a 5.5 m protective field and 275? scan angle giving it the best size-to-area ratio in the industry. Plus, its smart connectivity saves costs with cabling due to standardized interfaces.

Using the Safety Designer software the microScan3 Core can be intuitively configured and comfortably put into operation. The microScan3 indicates its operational status clearly via the multicolored display.

At a glance

  • Innovative scanning technology safeHDDM?
  • Protective field range: 5.5 m, scanning angle 275°
  • Compact, rugged metal housing
  • High reliability against dust and ambient light
  • System plug M12, 8-pin, with configuration memory
  • Intuitive configuration using the Safety Designer software
  • Brilliant multicolor display
Your Benefits
  • safeHDDM?: Innovative scanning technology for an outstanding ratio between wide sensing range and compact design for simple integration in your machine
  • Rugged design: Developed for harsh industrial day-to-day work, the microScan3 is resilient and increases productivity
  • Smart connectivity: Low cabling costs due to standardized interfaces, fast device change due to configuration memory
  • Intuitive operation: Simple commissioning with using Safety Designer software and diagnostic options via a display and pushbuttons

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