Sensors detect any object in any environment

The SureSense family of photoelectric sensors provides reliable detection of virtually any object in any environment. This versatility allows detection of the very basic to most difficult objects including black, shiny, transparent, varying color and more.

SureSense does this by providing best-in-class performance along with an extremely broad offering of sensing options, output types and advanced features. Plus, an intuitive signal strength light bar makes installation and troubleshooting easier than ever. All this cutting edge technology is built into a VISTAL? housing, which is 9 times stronger than ABS housings.

Standardize to save time & money...
With a wide range of sensing types, all available within the same durable housing style, the SureSense family allows you to standardize on a single sensor platform and reduce mounting, assembly and procurement costs.

Less downtime...
Enjoy optimal performance at all times thanks to the senors' signal strength light bar which immediately alerts the user on the quality of alignment, adjustment and light signal being returned from an object to quickly and easily minimize the effects of vibration, object variability and more.

Maximum durability...
Constructed with SICK's proprietary VISTAL? “tough as steel” housing, the SureSense sensor family includes variants that are rated IP 69K to stand up to the harshest environments, reducing replacement costs and downtime.

Contact us?and we'll show you how one sensor family can meet all your basic and advanced sensing needs in a variety of environments.

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