SAM (Speed & Acceleration Monitoring) exclusively by SICK

This innovative inductive sensor is a simple and intelligent way to monitor speed. In addition to typical speed monitoring capabilities, SAM also offers acceleration monitoring.

SAM inductive proximity sensorThe ability to monitor the raw pulse output as well as a programmable switching output combined with start-up delays make it the perfect solution for many tricky applications.

? Speed and acceleration monitoring
? Monitoring range: 6 to 12,000 pulses/min. and 0.1 to 2 pulses/sec.2
? Switching and pulse output
? Intelligent start-up delay
? Speed monitoring can be flexibly configured via two thresholds
? Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, extended diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link
? M18 and M30
? Sensing ranges of up to 10 mm flush


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