GO Switch 52M Proximity Sensor Ideal for Harsh, Challenging Industrial Environments

Designed specifically for applications in outdoor and challenging industrial environments, the TopWorx GO Switch Model 52M - a 12mm proximity sensor (which comes standard in a 12mm 316L SST enclosure) is rugged and relaible.?

It also offers you an economical and incredibly flexible option for numerous applications because it is not only highly durable, but it?does not require power, and?operates across a wide temperature range.?

The Model 52M incorporates GO Switch’s unique dry contact proximity sensor technology that uses magnets to control a set of contacts. This technology’s durability and reliability have been proven in over 60 years of service in the process industries. Its advantages include:

  • No power requirement – provides application flexibility
  • High reliability – tested to 5 million cycles at full-rated load
  • Broad temperature range (-40° C to 100° C) – allows use across multiple applications
  • Simple contact arrangement – enables highly flexible wiring schemes
  • Polarity insensitivity – eliminates need to specify NPN or PNP products
  • Weld-field immunity – for large magnet field applications
  • High and low current compatibility (5 mA to 2 A @ 24 VDC) – permits use with PLCs and relay-based control systems
The TopWorx GO Switch 52M can be trusted to outperform and outlast the competition when it matters most.

The ability of the 52M?to monitor different types of equipment allows you to reduce part numbers and inventory by using the one sensor for a variety of applications, including:

  • machine tools
  • 3D printing equipment
  • material handling
  • mobile equipment
  • industrial equipment (i.e. regulators, lift elevators)
  • pharmaceutical & life sciences
  • food & beverage
For OEMs, the GO Switch 52M simplifies design complexity and eliminates the cost of work-around components.?

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