IoT Interface for Blue e+ Cooling Units

The IoT interface is used to network Rittal components such as Blue e+ cooling units, Blue e+ chillers, smart monitoring systems, etc. with your businesses own monitoring and/or energy management systems.

Data can be integrated both horizontally and vertically into data collectors or processors. This enables long-term recording and evaluation of device data, statuses, and system messages.



Blue e+ Features + More Climate Control Options


A great deal of information is generated when it comes to operating modern climate control solutions in enclosures. With modern devices like the new cooling units and chillers in the Rittal Blue e+ line, a multitude of values and other information can be measured and recorded. This includes temperature measurements, run-times, operating hours, system messages, and data for capacity utilization and current parametrization information.

To make communication of data possible, Rittal now offers its new IoT interface, which turns the cooling units and chillers in the Blue e+ line into IoT-compatible devices. The IoT Interface is a Linux-based operating system that has the most-used industrial communication protocols, including Ethernet (IPv4/IPv6), SNMP, PROFINET, and OPC UA.


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