SE 8 Industrial Enclosures offer Better Durability, Customization + Price

You can extend the life cycle of your enclosure investment with the Rittal SE 8 industrial enclosures - delivering better design, customization, and durability than unibody enclosures.

These freestanding enclosures bring together the benefits of modular design and interchangeable accessories (allowing you to avoid additional enclosure fabrication or modification) - at a better price than many unibody enclosures.

Why choose the SE 8?

???? It’s less expensive than comparable unibody enclosures
??? ?It utilizes internal enclosure space better
??? ?It is a lighter enclosure, which saves on freight cost, and makes it safer to handle
??? ?Lighter gauge skins allow for faster modifications, and easier door and rear wall removal
??? ?It is globally certified, including UL, CSA and CE approvals




As industrial facilities begin to upgrade and replace control systems,??many plant managers
are moving away from the?challenges of a unibody enclosure design.

Is hybrid enclosure technology the solution for you?

The Rittal SE 8 Enclosure has an integrated roll-formed body section,?
allowing for the utilization of lighter enclosure materials making required modifications quicker,
reducing tool wear, and producing a lighter, safer system that will cost less to ship.

Also available in 16-gauge carbon or stainless steel, the SE 8 features the
standard, reversible TS 8 door to accommodate modifications over the life of the enclosure.

The SE 8 is stocked and available for immediate delivery?
from any of Rittal's U.S. warehouse locations.
Contact one of our specialists to get the right model for you.

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