Not all modular enclosures are created equal (compare the competition)

Delivering more efficiency, more flexibility, more safety, and more quality - industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water Supply/Wastewater Management, Wind Power, Data Centers, Chemicals and Medical Technology rely on Rittal's versatile, TS 8 modular enclosure design for panel building, low-voltage switchgear, IT infrastructure and mechanical engineering applications.?

Seeing is believing!? ?Comparisons detail how you can save money by saving time in your operations...

In the video below, Rittal Training Specialist Steve Sullivan tackles common set-up and modification tasks in a
side-by-side, timed comparison of the Rittal TS8 modular enclosure with the Hoffman G2.


Which is easier to modify,
tear down, and set up in your shop?


For a full comparison, download?
"Understanding Industrial Modular Enclosures"




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TS 8 modular enclosures for yourself?
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