Low-cost, NEMA 1 and UL Type 1 wall-mounting kits for G-series drives

Remarkably affordable NEMA 1 / UL Type 1 kits, which are available for all 7 sizes (Frames AA - F), provide an easy-to-install, direct mounting solution for SINAMICS G120C compact and G120 moldular drives using the PM240-2 power module.

Available in power ranges from ? to 200 hp and voltages from 230V to 690V, these low-cost kits feature 3-sided galvanized steel covers, mounting brackets and a front opening that provides easy access to operator panels for simple commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting.? Additional highlights include:

  • Conforms to NEMA 1 / UL Type 1 standards for interior installations
    Designed in accordance with the latest applicable UL 61800-5-1 standards for AC drives
  • Accommodates all G120C / PM240-2 / PM240P-2 power modules, control units and operator panels
  • Standardized design for optimum space utilization and for efficient side-by-side mounting with minimal clearances
  • Multiple conduit knockout holes for separate power, motor, I/O and network cabling
  • Built-to-last construction featuring galvanized steel 3-sided covers, mounting brackets and a rugged plastic window for BOP / IOP access.

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