Simple, Smaller, Stronger I/O System for Advanced Controller = Increased Productivity

The SIMATIC ET 200MP distributed I/O system from Siemens is characterized by its modular and scalable station design. The I/O modules are also able to be used for central automation tasks with the SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers, offering the user simple handling and storage options.

Intended for installation in a control cabinet, the ET 200MP I/O system complies with IP20 degree of protection, is scalable, and is used both as centralized I/O and in distributed configurations with PROFINET or PROFIBUS.

Each station can accommodate up to 30 I/O modules. The modules have low parts variance and the front connector for all 35-mm wide modules. As a result, ordering, logistics and spare-parts inventory are considerably simplified.


SIMATIC ET 200MP are remarkably easy to configure and order using the TIA Selection Tool.? Plus standard components make installation, ordering, logistics, and spare parts management become considerably easier,
which helps save time and costs.

Easy station configuration
The ET 200MP has a distributed architecture: with a modular, scalable station architecture based on the I/O modules of SIMATIC S7-1500. The modules feature little parts variation and uniform for all 35 mm-wide components.

Fast wiring
The prelatch position of front connector enables convenient prewiring.

Reliable diagnosis
Channel-specific diagnostics allows fast and clear identification of process errors and reduces plant standstills.


The compact design requires only a small footprint in your control cabinet.

High channel density
Each module can comprise up to 32 channels – at a maximum configuration of up to 30 I/O modules. Even with such a high degree of channel density, it is easy for a specialist to maintain control. This is facilitated by consistent module and diagnosis LEDs in direct 1:1 assignment to terminal and labeling.

Variable expandability
The distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200MP is flexibly scalable. A mechanical slot encoding ensures the unambiguous assignment of module and front connector. This prevents errors during installation and module exchange.

Maximum transparency
The 1:1 assignment of the terminal to the SIMATIC ET 200MP status LED and the labeling enable clear and fast wiring check during commissioning, as well as ability to identify signals during operation.


Fast communication via PROFINET and direct shielding at the module are just two examples for performance and ruggedness of the?ET 200MP.

Communication with PROFINET
High-performance backplane bus of the SIMATIC ET 200MP enables fast response times

Consistent shielding concept
Integrated shielding design enhances station resistance against external EMC interference

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